poniedziałek, 6 października 2008

Suga Free - The New Testament (2004)

1. Interlude 1
2. Why U Bullshittin' (Part 2)
3. Thinkin'
4. He's Pimpin' She's Hoein'
5. Angry Enuff
6. Born Again
7. You Just Won't Stop Talkin'
8. Get Loose feat. Big Steele
9. Did I Do That feat. Cash Flow
10. Don't Fight Da Pimpin'
11. High Heels feat. Kokane
12. Pay Me feat. Hi-C
13. Yo Momma Yo Daddy
14. She Get What She Pay Foe
15. Circus Music feat. Chingy

Hello! We are back! Today we've got special upload for all fans of Pomona's finest - Suga Free. "The New Testament (The Truth") is the last cd, where we can hear DJ Quik - Suga Free collabo. Another producers included are nice too: Big Saccs (aka Dazzie Dee), Crawfdog (aka Hi-C) & Frank Nitty amongst others. Check it out!


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