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PSK-13 - Flagrant: The Hustle Game Project Pt. 1 (1999)

1. What The Fuck Am I Supposed To Do Feat. Mr. Thai-Coon
2. Don't Push Me (Radio Edit) Feat. C-Loc
3. Holdin' It Down In These Streets
4. All Heads Turn Feat. The Outfit
5. Let These Boys Know Feat. Lil' Flex
6. Lose My Head
7. Wood, Leather, Screens, Bang Feat. Black, Kid2Face
8. Hustlaz Across The Nation Feat. Z-Ro
9. Fo' Sheazy Feat. Lil' Keke
10. 'Bout My Money Feat. Al Kapone
11. Hustlin' Ain't Easy Feat. Kid2Face, Point Blank
12. Hard In The Paint Feat. K-Rino
13. Sunshine
14. W-E-E-D Feat. Ill Out Dat Mo
15. Whatchu Workin' Wit' Feat. The Outfit

Probably his last previous album, but not least. Featurings include PSK-13's friends of South Park Coalition and Screwed Up Click. Check It.


poniedziałek, 17 grudnia 2007

VA - C-Style Presents Straight Outta Cali (1999)

1. Big Bub - Intro
2. Crooked I, Dresta & MC Eiht - Black Pussy
3. Big Bub, Dresta - Way Cool Intro
4. B-Legit, Crooked I, Mr. Tan, Blaqthoven - Way Cool
5. The Twinz, Tray Dee - All Aboard
6. Tray Dee, Crooked I, J-Money, Kurupt - King Pin
7. Daz Dillinger - Gon' Hurt Somebody
8. Big C-Style, Daz Dillinger - Ghetto Shit (Interlude)
9. Big Bub, Dresta, Nate Dogg - Victims Of Reality
10. Soopafly - Fo' Damn Sho
11. MC Eiht, Jayo Felony, Snoop Dogg - Get YaGirl Dog
12. Tray Dee, J-Money, Tha Lowlifes - It's Goin' Down
13. G-Money - If You Take Me Home
14. Tray Dee, Crooked I, J-Money, Legacy - Don't Test Me
15. Blaqthoven, Lil' Beau, Lil' Tip, Coco Loc, Ducc Dogg, Bo-Roc - We Gangsta

Another dope compilation hosted by Big C-Style with powerful production and line-up. Must have album for all fans of laidback kind of rap. Check it out!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Coz - King Of Kali (1995)

1. Feud Is On feat. CJ Mac (Intro)
2. Born 2 Be A G
3. Rollin' Thru Ya Hoody feat. Bun B
4. Caught In A Cross
5. Cell Block (Interlude)
6. Shackled From Head To Toe
7. Keep My Soul
8. No Place Like Tha Hood
9. The Ride (Interlude)
10. Make A Run
11. The Final Ride (Interlude)
12. Niggas In My Hood
13. Got Me A Knot
14. Killa In The Mirra
15. The Journey feat. 350 The She-Nig of Facemob (Outro)

Today we are presenting you one mc from Oakland - Coz. "King Of Kali" is a perfect lp with southwest type of sound (album was in majority produced by N.O Joe and mixed by Mike Dean) with nice guests such as CJ Mac or Bun B. In fact Coz was signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, but the deal was squashed. Check it out!


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Can I Get High With Da Blanksta, Please...

Point Blank - Prone To Bad Dreams (1992)

1. Point Blank
2. After I Die
3. Cut U N 1/2
4. Life Rep Or Die
5. Straighten It Out
6. Knock Dem Hoes Out The Box
7. Wreckless
8. B__ch Said I Raped Her
9. Prone To Bad Dreams
10. Aggravated
11. Nuttin Ass B__ch
12. "86" Dope "86"

Produced by: Point Blank, Pimp C, K-Rino & Triple 6
Featuring: .38, Lord 3-2, DBX, The Terrorists, Ganksta NIP, K-Rino, K.O., Klondike Kat, Trinetta, Triple 6, UGK

Click Clack

Point Blank - Mad At The World (1994)

1. Intro
2. Where Was Your Ass At
3. My Mind Went Blank
4. No One Can
5. One Way Out
6. Until It Hit Home
7. U Can't Gank The Blank
8. Thought U Was Down
9. Mad At The World
10. Forgine But I Don't Forget
11. Redd Zone
12. Show Me Some Luv
13. Hoes A Trip
14. Slipped Into A Coma

Produced by: Point Blank, The Terrorists & Klondike Kat
Featuring: Black, Bullet & Reload, DBX, The Terrorists, Ganksta NIP, Grimm, Eyque, J-Flex, K-Rino, Klondike Kat, Maestro, PSK-13, Sexx Fiends, Smooth Execution, Steve Fournier, Street Military, Triple X, Vice Grip, Wreckshop

Click Clack

Point Blank - N-Tha-Do' (1997)

1. Intro
2. N-Tha-Do'
3. Get Da Point
4. If The World Was
5. It Don't Stop
6. Steppin On My Toes
7. R U Ready To Die
8. If There Only Was A Way
9. Fuck Session
10. High With Tha Blanksta
11. Hood Stars
12. Pussy Calling
13. We Both Case From Dust
14. Small Town
15. Outro

Produced by: 411, DJ Blast, The H-Bomb Unit, Havoc, Reeko, Swift
Featuring: DJ Screw, Big Hawk, Lil' Keke, Wreckless Klan, Q-Boy, Willie D, Dope E, K-Rino, Ganksta NIP


Point Blank - Bad Newz Travels Fast(1999)

1 Bull
2 It's Been A Long Time (Vocals DJ Screw, Jessica)
3 Southside Groovin (Feat. Lil' Flea, Lil' Flex, PSK-13, South Park Mexican, Z-Ro, Zayne) (Vocals Big T)
4 High With Tha Blanksta (Feat. 3-2, Black, C-Loc, Lil' Flex, PSK-13, Z-Ro) (Vocals Big Moe)
5 Ghetto (Feat. Flaj)
6 Mr. Playa (Feat. Bun B, Ice Lord) (Vocals Levi Rasta)
7 Uncut Phya (Feat. Klanzmen)
8 Pimp C Skit (Feat. Pimp C)
9 Pussy Callin (Feat. Wreckless Klan)
10 Just Joking (Feat. Yungstar)
11 Street Theactrics
12 R U Ready 2 Die (Feat. Ganxsta Nip, K-Rino, Willie D)
13 If The World Was (Feat. Klondike Kat, Lil' Keke)
14 I Wish (Feat. PSK-13)
15 It Wasn't Me
16 Hustlin All I Can Do (Feat. C-Note, Godfather, Z-Ro)
17 Slipped Into A Coma Pt. 2 (Feat. 007, 3-2, C-Nile, DBX, Dope E, Ghetto Thugz, Ice Lord, J-Flex, K-Rino, K.B., Lil' Flea, PSK-13, Q-Boy, South Park Mexican, Z-Ro)
18 Snippet Stole From Bad Newz 2000 "My Mind Went Blank"


Point Blank - Just When You Thought It Was Safe (2005)

1. Intro
2. South Side Groovin Remix (feat. Bun-B of UGK, PSK-13, Big Mike, Big-T)
3. Who That Haten (feat. The Bull, Z-Ro, Big Hawk)
4. Flowz (feat. The Bull, The Lion)
5. Big Nutz/Big Bucks
6. Go Home (feat. The Bigtyme Boyz, Klondike Kat)
7. Respect (feat. K-Water)
8. Point Blank and DJ Screw (RIP) Choppen It Up
9. Screw Did That (feat. Z-Ro)
10. Show Me That Pussy (feat. Ill Intent)
11. Keep It On The Low (feat. Bam, The Baby Gorilla, Special Treat)
12. Coming Down Low (feat. Wood Street Playaz)
13. Uncut Fire (feat. Ice Lord)
14. Flowz (feat. The Bull, The Lion)
15. Cum Drinker (feat. Ice Lord, DBX, Lil Rick, D-Nice)
16. Dirty In The Ghetto Chasing Big Dollars (feat. The Bull, The Lion)
17. Black and Red
18. New Breed (feat. K-Rino, MC Wickett Crickett)
19. Flowz (feat. The Bull, The Lion)
20. I Wish (feat. PSK-13)


S.L.A.B. & Point Blank - Slow Loud & Banged Out (2005)

1. Intro - Trae
2. Slow Loud & Banged Out - S.L.A.B. & Point Blank
3. Who Dat Hatin - Big Hawk, Point Blank, Z-Ro
4. How U Wanna Handle This - K-Rino, Point Blank, Trae
5. Dirty N the Ghetto Chasing Big Dollars - Bull & The Lion
6. Don't Talk About It B About It - Mac D, Native, Point Blank
7. It's Whatever Ni**A - Klondike Kat, Point Blank, Z-Ro
8. F**k Dat Ni**A - Lil' Flip, Point Blank, Z-Ro
9. All Iz Good All Iz Well - Point Blank
10. Show Me Dat Pu**Y - Ill Intent, Point Blank
11. C** Drinker - DBX, Ice Lord, Point Blank
12. Southside Groovin Extended Mix - Big Mike, Bun B, Lil Flea, PSK-13, Point Blank, Z-Ro
13. 2 Step - Freeze
14. Comin Down Low - Wood Street Playaz
15. DJ Screw R.I.P. - DBX
16. Screw Did That - Point Blank, Z-Ro

Click Clack

For everyone who wants get high with Da Blanksta :)

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In loving memory of Sweet Jones (December 29, 1973 – December 4, 2007)

Yesterday Pimp C was found dead in his hotel room in Los Angeles. Like Point Blank said "Bad news travels fast"... Everybody knows how well respected was Pimp, how important was he for the southern rap... We still can't believe and I don't really know what to write...

I think I don't have to write here a bio or something. Rest In Peace Chad Butler, we will always love you.

"Cuz one day you here but baby the next day you gone"

piątek, 30 listopada 2007

The Game Boys - An Ounce Of Game (1993)

1. I Know You
2. Don't Kill Your Brother
3. Outlaw II
4. Solo Flex
5. Jacking Instructions
6. Street Of South Park (Radio)
7. Game Train
8. Weester Wee (Nuttin But A "G")
9. Don't Kill Your Brother (Radio)
10. Outlaw II (Radio)
11. Words To The Wise
12. Shouts Outs

One of the rarest, most wanted and requested albums (out of print now) straight outta legendary crew from H-Town- shouts out for South Park Coalition! This relaese gots everything what the underground classic needs- it sounds pretty dope and includes real street bangers like Don't Kill Your Brother. One of the members- J-Flex- is serving 30 years sentence in prison now. FREE J-Flex!!!


niedziela, 25 listopada 2007

Blak Czer - Tales From Da Blak Side (1994)

1. The Hood
2. Hustle In The Hood
3. Put In Some Work
4. Just Another Day feat. Beefy & Battlecat
5. Police Chase
6. Who Got The Glock
7. Think I'm Going Crazy
8. I Got The Blues
9. Shootin' Pool
10. Stick Up
11. Sick As A Bitch
12. Peace To The Hood
13. I Wonder Why feat. Dana Dane, Uncle Donnie, Beefy & Battlecat

Today we're going back to Cali for a meeting with notorious rapper - Blak Czer. In 1994 he realesed classic gangsta album titled "Tales From Da Blak Side" (as I know this lp is one and only from him). Productions are gloomy and definitely amazing, in fact all beats were made by Battlecat. If you are searching for rap about slangin' rocks on the block and murdering, this position is especially for you. Check it out!


środa, 21 listopada 2007

Madd Hatta - Serious (1996)

1. Intro Feat. Big Mello
2. Wit My Homiez Feat. Melanie McGee & Nikki T
3. Trunk-o-Funk Feat. Nikki T
4. Sumthin Bout You Feat. J.Reale
5. (...) Was A Groupie
6. All About Me
7. Can I Get A Lil' Luv
8. Problems (Playa Hata's)
9. Explicit Car Ride
10. Lock-Down Homiez
11. Where I'm From
12. I'm Goin' Krazy
13. Hangin'

Madd Hatta is not only a rapper and producer, he's also well respected radio dj in Texas (not for K-Rino;). This release includes dope laidback joints , mostly produced by Hatta himself and the legendary producer from Bone Hard Niggaz Productions- mighty Crazy C. Ideal album for fucked up weather and rainy days.



wtorek, 20 listopada 2007

Mafia Genie - Mafia Me (1999)

1. Mobstas Aint Got No Feelings
2. Bates Motel
3. Unholy Thug
4. Fedz Don't Knock
5. 4-A-Lil-While
6. Playa'z Cream
7. Money Trees
8. Hustlin'n Heaven
9. Street Life Starz
10. What Can Stop Me Now
11. Unidentified 4-Ever-Outlaw (Dedicated to a Don)
12. Above The Rim Above The Law
13. Mafia Me

You may know Mafia Genie from album of G-Rapp The General. Genie reps Houston and he's Killa Klan/South Park Coalition affiliate. I don't know who produced this shit but it sounds good as hell.



czwartek, 15 listopada 2007

Battlecat - Gumbo Roots (1995)

1. Journey
2. Ain't No Thang
3. On Top Of The World
4. Swerve On
5. Reality Check
6. Stone Cold Nut
7. Waterdrop
8. Just The Way I Live
9. Master Plan
10. Blue 64'
11. Out Here
12. Freedom
13. Set Trippin'
14. Everybody Give It Up
15. Cat's Shout Out (I'll die for the funk)

Today we've got special upload from one of the greatest gangsta funk style producers - Kevin Gilliam aka DJ Battlecat. In 1995 he realesed project titled "Gumbo Roots", which is one of the most underrated rap albums ever. Album features many big names such as Playa Hamm, King Lou, Ras Kass, Ruff Dogg, Kam, Dana Dane, Blak Czer, Domino and others (with BC Powda as mc himself). Check it out quickly!


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Scarface - The Last Of A Dying Breed (2000)

1. 11-09-70
2. The Last Of A Dying Breed
3. Look My In My Eyes
4. It Ain't Part II
5. They Down With Us feat. UGK
6. Sorry For What?
7. O.G. To Me feat. Tha Dogg Pound & Jayo Felony
8. The Gangsta Shit
9. Conspiracy Theory
10. Watch Ya Step
11. Get Out feat. Jay-Z
12. In & Out feat. Devin The Dude & Too Short
13. And Yo feat. Redman & Young Noble of The Outlawz
14. In My Time
15. 11-09-2000

Today we've got album from one of the biggest legends in rap industry. Yes - it's the king of the south - Brad Jordan aka Scarface. In the beginning of new millenium he realesed another classic solo album titled "The Last Of A Dying Breed". Of course this lp is a mine of great lyrics and great productions handled by Mike Dean, Tone Capone, Mr. Lee, N.O Joe, Erick Sermon and Face himself (+ nice features). Absolutely dope - check it out!


piątek, 9 listopada 2007

DJ DMD - Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide (1999)

1. Intro
2. The Trill Connection Feat. Pimp C & Lee Masta
3. Shinin' Feat. Laboo & Big Reggie Cooper
4. Makin' Moves Feat. Laboo & Lee Masta
5. Epitaph
6. Landmines Feat. Laboo & QB
7. Out There On That Corner Feat. Lee Masta, Big Nate & Big Reggie Cooper
8. It's The B.U.D. Feat. Big Mitch, Lee Masta, Superb Herb
9. 25 Lighters Feat. Fat Pat & Lil' Keke
10. 'Til The Casket's Closed Feat. Big Nate, Laboo & Lee Masta
11. Boonie Loc Off The Dome - Freestyle Feat. Boonie Loc
12. When You Come Home Feat. Laboo
13. Go Back Home Feat. Momo, Superb Herb & Big Reggie Cooper
14. Outro - Word From The Producer
15. Bonus Track

Another tight album from DJ DMD. Keep it trill homie!



czwartek, 8 listopada 2007

Koopsta Knicca - Da Devil's Playground

1. Torture Chamber
2. Crucifix
3. Ready To Ride
4. Robbers
5. Smoking On A J.
6. Stash Pot (Original)
7. Front A Busta
8. Judgement Nite
9. Bustaz Betta Make Way
10. Anna Got Me Clickin'
11. Now I'm Hi (Pt. 2)
12. Purple Thang
13. Stash Pot (Remix)
14. Whatcha Gonna Do
15. Talkin'

Debut solo album from ex-member of Three 6 Mafia. Classic Memphis sound, produced, of course, by DJ Paul & Juicy J. Guest appearances by DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo & Crunchy Black. This is lo-fidelity version, I can't find this album in better quality.



środa, 7 listopada 2007

2 Real - Welcome To Tha Real World (1997)

1. Intro
2. My Come Up
3. 9-2-5
4. Let Me Tell It
5. Plexin Feat. Klondike Kat
6. Horror Feat. Brandi & J-Bone
7. Playin 4 Keepz
8. 20s 10s 1s
9. The Real Me
10. Back 2 Reality
11. Game Feat. Lil' Flea

Another good album from South Park Coalition. I especially enjoy the joint with Klondike Kat.


Check it!

wtorek, 6 listopada 2007

DJ DMD - Eleven (1997)

1. Intro
2. Holdin' Fire Feat. Lee Masta & Bun B
3. So Real Feat. DJ Screw & Al-D
4. Candy
5. Time Served Feat. Bull, Lee Masta & Bro. Robert Muhammad
6. Raise The Sky Feat. Lee Masta & Bro. Robert Muhammad
7. Ghetto Gold Feat. Momo & Bluelite
8. Hope Ya Got A Kite I Send Feat. Bluelite & Lil Wink
9. Legalize And Advertize Feat. Superb Herb, Bull, Lee Masta & Mr. Lowdown
10. All This Niggaz Crazy Feat. Momo, Bluelite & "Big" Reggie Cooper
11. What's Up Now? Feat. Supa Kush
12. Homicide Feat. Bull, Lee Masta & Lil World
13. Candy Feat. Pimp C(The "Introducing Percy Mack" Mix)
14. So Real Feat. Screwed Up Click
15. Words From The Producer
16. Bonus Track

DJ DMD reps Port Arthur, hometown of Bun & Pimp. Nice laidback shit. I will post other releases from DMD's trilogy soon.



poniedziałek, 5 listopada 2007

Greek - No Punk To This (1993)

1. Intro
2. U Ain't Sick
3. No Punk To This
4. Geekin' For It
5. Fatal Check Out
6. God Of Hip Hop
7. Pussy Whip Nigga
8. Rhyme 4 Ya Life
9. In The Red
10. They Don't Want None
11. CMC Is Here To Pleeze
12. U Betta Ask Somebody
13. Much Too Many Freaks

One of the earliest SPC releases, mostly produced by The Terrorists and DJ CMC. This album gots specific funky vibe and Greek is a tight lyricist. Probably it's his only CD. Guest appearances in track 8 by DBX, K-Rino, A.C. Chill (R.I.P) & Klondike Kat



piątek, 2 listopada 2007

Da 5 Footaz - The Lost Scrolls (1993)

1. The Bigga They Are
2. Short Times feat. Warren G & Roger Troutman
3. It's All Gotta Start Somewhere
4. Episodes
5. PMS
6. Airport (Interlude)
7. Ambush
8. Players Play feat. The Twinz
9. Freaky Situations
10. 5 Foot City feat. Warren G
11. Candidates feat. Erick Sermon
12. Ballers Society feat. Warren G
13. Seeking
14. The Heist

Are you ready for this? Today we've got total exclusive especially for g-funk fans! In early 90's womanish crew Da 5 Footaz (which consists of Jah Skillz, Neb Love, Knee-Hi, K-Bar and Cobra Red) recorded album titled "The Lost Scrolls". The lp was realesed only on a few tapes (!) and was produced by real legends such as Warren G (in majority - he's was the biggest supporter of Da 5 Footaz), Dr Dre and Erick Sermon. Check it out quickly!


Tweedy Bird Loc

Tweedy Bird Loc - 187 Ride By (1992)

1. Fu'k the South Bronx
2. Fu'k Ya'll (Intro)
3. What's Really Goin On
4. My Dick Is Prejudice
5. Comin Out the Cage
6. Who's Makin Love (Intro)
7. Stupid Shit
8. Hoe Is a Bitch
9. Tweedy's Teed Off
10. 187 Ride By
11. Punk Motha Fu'ka (Intro)
12. Murder One
13. Sell Out News Flash (Intro)
14. Takin' Out the Judges
15. Smoking Chronic (Intro)
16. Compton Blocks
17. Black Court in Session
18. Homies Here and Gone (Intro)
19. You Don't Hear Me Though
20. Jackin for Transpa


Tweedy Bird Loc - No Holds Barred (1994)

1. Album Bitch
2. Tweedy For President
3. Dub Sack
4. I'm Calling You A Bitch
5. Walk That Walk
6. Outta Here
7. Girls I've Done Fucc Before
8. Keep On Walkin
9. My Dicc Is Still Prejudiced
10. Gangsta Tweed
11. I Got My Strap
12. Fucc Miami
13. C Thru The Bullshit
14. Real Gangsta Shit
15. Y'all Can't Fucc With Us
16. Street Jokes
17. Dangerous Is The Shit
18. Shout Out


Dope albums from legendary producer & mc from Compton - Tweedy Bird Loc. All tracks on this classics lp's was produced by himself. Check it out!

środa, 31 października 2007

VA - C-Style presents: 19th Street LBC Compilation (1998)

1. Intro
2. Bustaz - Daz Dillinger, RBX, Legacy, Tray Dee, Lil' C-Style
3. Stay Out Of LA -
Lil Tip, Coco Loc, Shorty K, Crooked I, Sho Shot
4. Paper Chase - Coco Loc, Lil' Tip, Sho Shot, Lil' Beau, Tray Dee, C-Style
5. Interlude 1
6. Success Before I Die - Legacy, Coco Loc, Crooked I, Lil' Tip
7. Rap Killer - Crooked I, Tray Dee, Shorty K, Techniec, J-Money
8. Interlude 2
9. Jackin' For Flows - Coco Loc, Lil' Tip, Sho Shot, J-Money, McGruff, Crooked I, Diceman, Shorty K
10. Watchin' You Watchin' Me - Legacy, Lil' J, Sho Shot
11. Gangsta, Gangsta - Legacy, Crooked I, Tray Dee, Sho Shot, J-Money
12. Interlude 3
13. Flossin' - Tray Dee, Lil' C-Style, Bad Azz
14. Servin' & Swervin' - Legacy, Crooked I, Shorty K, Lil' J, Sho Shot
15. Bounce To This - J-Money, Crooked I, Sho Shot, Amber Davis, Bo-Roc from The Dove Shack
16. I Like To Roll - Coco Loc, Lil' J, Shorty K, Bad Azz
17. Ashes To Ashes - Lil' Tip, Lil' J, Crooked I, Shorty K
18. One Ninein' - Crooked I, Coco Loc, Shorty K, Lil' Tip, Lil' J, McGruff, Sho Shot, Diceman, Techniec

Dope (classic) g-style compilation straight from Long Beach hosted by Big C-Style. It includes production by Soopafly, LT Hutton, Lil' Beau & DJ Aladdin. Check it out!


wtorek, 30 października 2007

K-Dee - Ass, Gas or Cash (No One Rides For Free - 1994)

1. Intro
2. The Best Thing Goin'
3. Hittin' Corners
4. The Freshest MC In The World
5. Pimpin' And Pandering (Part 1)
6. Make The Music
7. Gigalos Get Lonely Too feat. Morris Day
8. Neva Was A Baller
9. Where's The Cat
10. Thougt I Saw A Pussy Cat feat. Bootsy Collins & Ice Cube
11. K-Swinger
12. Pimpin' And Pandering (Part 2)
13. Talk Of The Town
14. Into You
15. Words To The Wise
16. Ain't Nothin' Poppin' feat. Snow
17. Assoline
18. Ass, Gas or Cash feat. Bootsy Collins

K-Dee babee! What's your point of view about checking "the freshest MC in the world"? In 1994 K-Dee realesed at Lench Mob Records his one and only solo album titled "Ass, Gas or Cash (No One Rides For Free)". In my opinion it's one of the underrated pimpin' style albums ever - all tracks are fresh & funky - no skips, no shit! Production is magnificent and was handled in majority by Ice Cube (look at Bootsy Collins in features!). Check it out quickly!


Jay-Z - American Gangster (2007 - not the final version)

1. Intro
2. Pray
3. American Dream
4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 feat. Lil' Wayne
5. No Hook
6. Roc Boys
7. Sweet
8. I Know feat. Pharrell
9. Say Hello
10. Success feat. Nas
11. Fallin'
12. Blue Magic feat. Pharrell
13. American Gangster

Hova is back! Today we're presenting special upload for you - the latest Jay-Z album - "American Gangster". This is a version without two tracks from final album - stay ready for XXI Century classic!


niedziela, 28 października 2007

Jayo Felony - Whatcha Gonna Do? (1998)

1. Intro feat. Kokane
2. Nobody On Dry Land
3. How Angry feat. 8 Ball & MJG
4. Whatcha Gonna Do? feat. Method Man & DMX
5. Easy To Get In
6. Whatcha Gonna Do Remix feat. WC, Redman & Mack 10
7. Nitty Gritty
8. I'm Deadly
9. On The Way To 47 Block (Skit)
10. Gettin' Loop Loop (Skit)
11. Lovely
12. Bumpin' Bullet Loco
13. Love Don't Love feat. Kokane
14. Finna Shit On'em feat. Mack 10
15. Hustle Into My Genes
16. End Of The World
17. J.A.Y.O. (Justice Against Y'all Oppressors) feat. E-40 & Ice Cube
18. Outro

Today we are going straight to San Diego for meeting with Jayo Felony himself. In 1998 Bullet Loco realesed his second solo album in Def Jam titled "Whatcha Gonna Do?". No doubt - it's another classic from one of the most undone mc's in the music industry with many dope tracks. It includes features from some big names from southside, eastside and westside with production by DJ Silk and EA-Ski. Check it out!


czwartek, 25 października 2007

Wood - Out Of Woodwork (2002)

1. Young Black Male Feat. Smittyroe
2. About The Money Feat. Julie Johnson
3. Losing My Religion Feat. B-1, Smittyroe & Julie Johnson
4. Crazy World Feat. Billy Cook
5. Hey You
6. I'm Comin' Down
7. Around The World 3X Feat. Foe
8. Are You A Rider?
9. Armed & Dangerous Feat. A.G., Billy Cook & Tz
10. Let's Ride Out Feat. Julie Johnson
11. Walk In My Shoes
12. Moving Fast
13. A-1 Yola
14 Out Yo Seat Feat. Kano

Wood is lesser known member of Screwed Up Click. This album is pretty dope and includes some S.U.C. style bangers, like "Young Black Male" or "Hey You".


środa, 24 października 2007

Z-Ro albums

Z-Ro - King Of Da Ghetto (2001)

1. I Found Me (feat. Trae)
2. Block Bleeder (feat. Den Den)
3. Wonder If I'm Blessed
4. Gripping Grain (feat. Den Den)
5. Haters Song (feat. Trae & Slimm Chance)
6. Passenger Side
7. In My Prime (feat. Trae)
8. Real Niggaz
9. Wake Up (feat. Mussilini)
10. Friends (feat. Den Den & Slimm Chance)
11. All Fall Down (feat. Den Den)
12. Pain
13. Sunshine

Z-Ro - Screwed Up Click Representa (2002)

1. Does It Matter
2. Real (feat.
Lil' O & Kevo)
3. Gorilla Till I Die (feat.
Den Den & Lyrical 187)
4. Life (feat. Mr. 3-2 & H2O)
5. Gotta Let Go (Skit)
6. U Gotta Let Go (feat. Lil' Keke & Billy Cook)
7. Tha Third Coast
8. Plex
9. H.A.T.E.

10. Southside Can't Stop (feat.
Den Den)
11. All Night
12. How Does It Feel (feat. Big Rodsta)
13. Freestyle (feat. Bettye Sterling)
14. My Sermon
15. S.U.C. For Life (feat. K.T.)
16. Maintain (Feat. H.A.W.K)

17. Final Curtain Call (feat. Pup & Bettye Sterling)


Z-Ro - Z-Ro (2002)

1. Whats My Name
2. Look At Me
3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
4. All Night Long (feat. Billy Cook & D.P.)
5. Still Standing (feat. Lil' Flex & Big Mello)
6. Sunshine (feat. Lil' Keke)
7. How Does It Feel
8. Dirty Work (feat. Black Mike & Pharoah)
9. Still In The Hood
10. R.I.P.
11. Hard Times (feat. Trae)
12. Life Is A Bitch (feat. Billy Cook)
13. Shelter From Da Storm


Z-Ro - Life (2002)

1. Get Yo Paper
2. Screw Did That
3. Make It (feat. Mexican D)
4. Will I Go Crazy (feat. Miss Dameanor)
5. Life
6. Life Is A Struggle & Pain (feat. Cl'Che)
7. Talkin' Down On Me
8. Change Of Scenery
9. Hatin Me
10. Let Me Live My Life
11. Lost Another Soldier (Tribute To Big Mello)
12. Outro


Some Z-Ro albums realesed before he signed to Rap-A-Lot Records. Enjoy!

wtorek, 23 października 2007

Domino - Domino (1993)

1. Diggady Domino
2. Getto Jam
3. A.F.D.
4. Do You Qualify
5. Jam
6. Money Is Everything
7. Sweet Potatoe Pie
8. Raincoat
9. Long Beach Thang
10. Thats Real feat. AMG & La Quan aka Poppa LQ

Are you ready for another dope album produced in majority by Battlecat? Today we've got debut album of Long Beach native - Domino realesed in Def Jam. Boldly we can say it's another slept classic g-funk record. Check it out!


poniedziałek, 22 października 2007

Yo-Yo - Total Control (1996)

1. One For The Cuties (Featuring MC Lyte)
2. Yo Yo Funk
3. Bonnie And Clyde II (Featuring Ice Cube)
4. Steady Risin'
5. Same Ol' Thang (Everyday)
6. Tre' Ride (Featuring MC Breed)
7. Body Work (Featuring Teena Marie)
8. How Can I Be Down (Featuring Ruff Dogg)
9. Thank You, Boo
10. Yo Yo's Night

Today we've got special upload for you - straight from Los Angeles, CA, one of the greatest female mc's ever - Yo-Yo! The former Lench Mob member in 1996 delivered us her probably best solo album titled "Total Control". With perfect accompaniment on this album from legendary producers such as Battlecat (in majority) or Warren G, Yo-Yo convicted, that she got powerful skills and vibe. Tonights the night, so stay ready to check out "Yo Yo's Night!


czwartek, 18 października 2007

C.I.A. - EP (1988)

1. My Posse
2. Just 4 The Cash $
3. Ill-Legal
4. My Posse (instrumental)
Just 4 The Cash $ (instrumental)
6. Ill-Legal (instrumental)

Check out this short project (but quality) made
by C.I.A - group which consist Ice Cube, K-Dee & Sir Jinx. Tracks on this EP was produced by Dr. Dre.


Vontel - Vision of a Dream (1998)

1. Dream No More
2. Playa Style
3. 4 My Homies feat. Roger Troutman
4. If You Want To Be A Playa
5. Ghetto Life
6. It's All On You
7. Keep It On The Real
8. Funk Wit Dis
9. All Right
10. Don't Nobody
11. Tell'em What I Came 2 Do
12. Say Playa feat. Roger Troutman
13. 602
14. Boo
15. Down 4 U

Next to Mr. X we've got another special upload for you! You never heard of a mc from Phoenix, AZ? Here we go! In 1998 rapper called Vontel realesed perfect g-funk album titled "Vision Of a Dream". It includes features by his homies from 6-0-2 (Bookie, Omega G, Sabataj etc.) and.... Roger Troutman on talkbox himself! Production was handled in majority by another legend - Kevin Gilliam aka DJ Battlecat. So are you ready for a dream?


B-Legit - Hempin' Ain't Easy (2000)

1. Intro
2. Blaze It
3. Rap Star feat. Lil' Bruce
4. What They Talkin' Bout
5. Destiny feat. Levitti
6. The Game Is Cold feat. Snoop Dogg
7. Hood Ratz & Knuckle Headz feat. E-40 & D-Shot
8. I'm Dyin' With Mine feat. Lil' Keke & Archie Lee
9. It's In The Game
10. Hard Head Nigga
11. Keep It P.I. feat. Mac Shawn
12. Where The Gangstas At? feat. Mack 10 & Kurupt
13. Grape Vine
14. Touch You There feat. Harm
15. Gold Ones feat. Richie Rich
16. Scared Man feat. E-40 & The Mossie
17. The World Is A Mutha
18. To All My Playaz feat. Big Remy, SHORTYEGA, Mr. Clean & Ronnie Simpson

Today we're flyin' straight to the Vallejo, CA for meeting with mr. B-Legit. In 2000 he realesed another dope album in his discography, named "Hempin' Ain't Easy", where we can find out some magnificent gangsta lyrics with great features and production handled by real legends (Studio Ton, Meech Wells, Daz Dillinger, Ant Banks). As a conclusion - if you're searching for some dope gangsta rap, check this out quickly!


środa, 17 października 2007

Mr. X - Mr. X (1996)

1. Playa Hata
2. Active Crew
3. Dear God
4. Flossin'
5. Lowrider
6. Puttin' In Work
7. Can't Fade The Funk
8. Slippin'
9. So High
10. Playas Life
11. Comin' From The Head
12. True To This
13. One Day At My Door
14. Any Ole Sunday

Here we go! Another slept classic laidback album by critics & audience from South Central native - Mr. X. If you're searching for perfect g-funk, check it out quickly (production on this album was handled by legendary QD III).


poniedziałek, 8 października 2007

Askari X - Message To The Black Man (1995)

1. Intro
2. Oakland Streets Feat. Plesor
3. Ward Of The State II
4. Who's That Man
5. Message To The Black Man
6. Hear The Science
7. City Life
8. Mohammed Army March
9. Glory Be
10. Bite The Dust
11. Moma
12. Concrete Jungle
13. Tippy Toe Soldier
14. Down So Long
15. 3 Strikes Feat. 3XKrazy, Bad-N-Fluenz, Brotha Moe, The Delinquents, Mike Mike, Mr. Ill & Seagram
16. Outro

Askari X is a conscious lyricyst from Oakland, Bay Area. On this album we can hear warm g-funk with a little bit of reggae, produced by Tha Whoride and Chucksta.


wtorek, 2 października 2007

Mr. Mike - Wicked Wayz (1996)

1. Intro
2. Southwest feat. EA-Ski
3. G's Perspective
4. Where Ya Love At
5. Total Shock
6. Untouchable feat. Nina Creque
7. Can You Feel me
8. Midtro: Here's Your Ticket
9. Wicked Wayz feat. Ice Cube
10. Da Boogie man
11. Dope Ficiton feat. O.C. of the Scientists
12. Game Affiliation
13. In The Midst Of Smoke feat. Nola
14. Life On Tha Line
15. Stop Lying feat. 8 Ball & MJG

Average debut solo album from former South Circle member, Houston representer - Mr. Mike. "Wicked Wayz" was realesed in legendary label - Suave House. On this LP we can find out mid 90's south style rap mixed with some westcoast flavour. It includes beats from EA-Ski & T-Mix and features from 8 Ball, MJG and Ice Cube.


poniedziałek, 1 października 2007

Sho featuring Willie D - Trouble Man

1. Pray I'll Be A Failure
2. Fiend In The Family
3. Pookie
4. Another Day On The Cut
5. Trouble Man
6. Fireweed
7. Mississippi
8. Miss Thang
9. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
10. Legal Murder
11. I'ma Get Mine
12. Stick-N-Move

Very slept on and underrated album. Sho goes hard on it. Executive produced by Willie D.

"It's enough I gotta fight in the streets G
Come home and gotta fight with my family..."



niedziela, 30 września 2007

Ant Banks - Sittin' On Somethin' Phat (1993)

1. 2 The Head
2. Late Night Fuck
3. Roll 'em Phat
4. U Just A Punk
5. Livin' The Life
6. Sittin' On Somethin' Phat
7. Lyin' On Yo Dick feat. Mhisani
8. Spice 1 Wit Da Banksta feat. Spice 1
9. Only Out To Fuck
10. Hit It feat. Mhisani, Pooh-Man & Too $hort
11. The End

Dope album from Oakland legend, one of the greatest funky-style producers in rap Anthony "Big Bad Ass" Banks. Check it out!


Terrace Martin - Signal Flow (2007)

1. Signal Flow Intro feat. Snoop Dogg
2. Ridin' feat. Snoop Dogg, Problem & Scar
3. To The Top feat. Snoop Dogg, The Game & Uncle Chucc
4. Enemy Lines feat. Busta Rhymes, Chauncy Black & Spliff Star
5. Watch Me feat. Tru Life, Snoop Dogg & J Black
6. Fear & Respect feat. Snoop Dogg
7. Be Thankful
8. Westside feat. Snoop Dogg, J Black & Tone
9. Hoe, Hoe feat. Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg
10. All Night feat. Kurupt, Problem & Mykestro
11. Bitch feat. Too Short & Yung Wait
12. Kurupt
13. Blast feat. Snoop Dogg & Kurupt
14. Listen feat. Problem

Dope mixtape-album from the one of the most talented producers from westcoast Terrace Martin. Check it out - HOT!


sobota, 29 września 2007

8 Ball & MJG - Space Age 4 Eva (2000)

1. Intro
2. I Know U
3. Thingz feat. Xscape & Jazze Pha
4. Collard Greens
5. Pimp Shit feat. Thorough of South Circle
6. Buck Bounce feat. DJ Quik
7. Space Age 4 Eva feat. Peachee P
8. Pimp Hard
9. Boom Boom feat. Swizz Beatz
10. Alwayz
11. At Tha Club
12. Jankie
13. It's All Real feat. Billy Cook
14. Thank God feat. Swizz Beatz

Another classic album from the legends from Memphis 8 Ball & MJG. On "Space Age 4 Eva" we can find hot bangers like "Boom Boom, "Pimp Shit", "Pimp Hard" or "Jankie". It includes features and beats from DJ Quik, Jazze Pha and Swizz Beatz. Check it out!


X-Mob - Handlin' Thangs (1994)

1. I-10
2. Roll So Deep
3. Cominatcha
4. Life Of A Gangsta
5. Jealous Ass Niggas
6. Living The Life
7. Hollarinatcha

Dope album from X-Mob, group from Lake Charles, Louisiana. They are protegees of UGK and have 3 albums, this is their debut. Check it out!


Assassin - Born And Raised In The Bay

1. Intro - Mopreme/Big Skye
2. Real Bad Boysz (Southside 7 Treez Remix) - Tupac/Makaveli/Assassin/Dee
3. Holdin On (RIP Tupac) - Cisco/Assassin
4. You Gotta Believe (Six Feet Down) - Assassin/China/D-Rum
5. Thuglife - Rated R
6. On The Run - Assassin/Funk Souljaz/Spiderman/Venom/Cisco/Guilty
7. Playa'z Night - Younglife/Suga T
8. Makin Cash $ Ever - D-Mack/N2Deep/Keith Martin
9. It's Goin Down (9mm Action) - Assassin/Dre D/J-Mac
10. When The Chipz Iz Down (Loced To The Brain) - Babe Regg/T. Tay/Assassin/Venom
11. Lose A Hoe, Gain A Hoe - Brotha Lynch Hung
12. Most Bitchez - Assassin/Venom/Cisco/China
13. Radio Insert - Born and Raised in the Bay
14. Daddyz Home - Assassin/Keith Martin
15. Rydaz 4 Life - Mr. Doctor/Assassin/Venom/D-Mac/Beesh
16. Born And Raised In The Bay - Assassin
17. So Much Pain - Assassin
18. Life Or Death Hotline - Roger/Havikk (SCC) Lawhouse/C.P.O./ChuyDawg

Assassin is a dope producer and rapper from the Bay Area. He is best known for his collabos with 2Pac and Digital Underground. On this album we can hear tight funky basslines and raw verses from Pac, Brotha Lynch Hung and other Assassin's friends.



piątek, 28 września 2007

D-Shot - Six Figures (1997)

1. They Call Him Shot
2. Duck feat. E-40 & B-Legit
3. Out Tha' Pen feat. Levitti
4. Head Lee Own feat. Levitti
5. I'll Be Your Friend
6. One More Shot feat. Mac Shawn & Young Mugzi
7. True Worldwide Playaz feat. Too $hort & Spice 1
8. It's Ma Thang feat. Mr. Malik & Bo-Roc from The Dove Shack
9. Six Figures
10. Huckleberry Hotline
11. I'll Be Yo' Huckleberry
12. Is It Cool To Fuck
13. Reversal Interlude

Second solo from The Click's member D-Shot. It includes dope tracks produced by the Bay Area legend Studion Ton such as certificate 90's funky style bangers like "It's Ma Thang" or "Duck". Check it out!


A-G-2-A-KE - Mil-Ticket (1998)

1. Mil-Ticket
2. Sellin' Dreams
3. Mo Power feat. Scarface & Lo-Life from 5th Ward Boyz
4. Playa Dead
5. Big Balla Society
6. Cocaine
7. Can't Nobody Change This
8. C-Lo
9. Flexious
10. Tomorrow Ain't Promised feat. Scarface, K.B. & Man Child
11. Mil & Back
12. Guess Who Done It feat. Scarface
13. A-G-2-A-Ke
14. G Bout Money
15. Mafia 'B'
16. The Don feat. Scarface
17. R U High Yet? feat. Yukmouth
18. Believe Me Fame

Dope album of A-G-2-A-KE gangsta rapper from Houston, realesed in Rap-A-Lot Records. On "Mil-Ticket" we can find out some quality beats, rhymes and good collaborations with legends such as Scarface and Yukmouth. Check it out!


środa, 26 września 2007

Roger Troutman II - The Second Coming (2002)

1. Beautiful Lady feat. Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band
2. I Wanna Take You Home feat. Big Lurch
3. Right Now
4. Never Part
5. When We Kick It
6. Give It To You
7. Come With Me
8. Being Alone
9. We Love You Roger feat. Jewell
10. So Ruff So Tuff
11. Dance Floor feat. Cold 187um from Above The Law
12. Can U Deal With This (instrumental)

Fresh & funky album from son of the legendary Zapp frontman Roger Troutman with, a lot of talkboxes and smooth beats with some nice features like Charlie Wilson, Jewell and Cold 187um.