czwartek, 18 października 2007

Vontel - Vision of a Dream (1998)

1. Dream No More
2. Playa Style
3. 4 My Homies feat. Roger Troutman
4. If You Want To Be A Playa
5. Ghetto Life
6. It's All On You
7. Keep It On The Real
8. Funk Wit Dis
9. All Right
10. Don't Nobody
11. Tell'em What I Came 2 Do
12. Say Playa feat. Roger Troutman
13. 602
14. Boo
15. Down 4 U

Next to Mr. X we've got another special upload for you! You never heard of a mc from Phoenix, AZ? Here we go! In 1998 rapper called Vontel realesed perfect g-funk album titled "Vision Of a Dream". It includes features by his homies from 6-0-2 (Bookie, Omega G, Sabataj etc.) and.... Roger Troutman on talkbox himself! Production was handled in majority by another legend - Kevin Gilliam aka DJ Battlecat. So are you ready for a dream?

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Classic Battlecat production on a very underrated album.