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Blak Czer - Tales From Da Blak Side (1994)

1. The Hood
2. Hustle In The Hood
3. Put In Some Work
4. Just Another Day feat. Beefy & Battlecat
5. Police Chase
6. Who Got The Glock
7. Think I'm Going Crazy
8. I Got The Blues
9. Shootin' Pool
10. Stick Up
11. Sick As A Bitch
12. Peace To The Hood
13. I Wonder Why feat. Dana Dane, Uncle Donnie, Beefy & Battlecat

Today we're going back to Cali for a meeting with notorious rapper - Blak Czer. In 1994 he realesed classic gangsta album titled "Tales From Da Blak Side" (as I know this lp is one and only from him). Productions are gloomy and definitely amazing, in fact all beats were made by Battlecat. If you are searching for rap about slangin' rocks on the block and murdering, this position is especially for you. Check it out!

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