piątek, 30 listopada 2007

The Game Boys - An Ounce Of Game (1993)

1. I Know You
2. Don't Kill Your Brother
3. Outlaw II
4. Solo Flex
5. Jacking Instructions
6. Street Of South Park (Radio)
7. Game Train
8. Weester Wee (Nuttin But A "G")
9. Don't Kill Your Brother (Radio)
10. Outlaw II (Radio)
11. Words To The Wise
12. Shouts Outs

One of the rarest, most wanted and requested albums (out of print now) straight outta legendary crew from H-Town- shouts out for South Park Coalition! This relaese gots everything what the underground classic needs- it sounds pretty dope and includes real street bangers like Don't Kill Your Brother. One of the members- J-Flex- is serving 30 years sentence in prison now. FREE J-Flex!!!


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Dave pisze...

Shit yeah...I been looking for this one. Thanks!