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Da 5 Footaz - The Lost Scrolls (1993)

1. The Bigga They Are
2. Short Times feat. Warren G & Roger Troutman
3. It's All Gotta Start Somewhere
4. Episodes
5. PMS
6. Airport (Interlude)
7. Ambush
8. Players Play feat. The Twinz
9. Freaky Situations
10. 5 Foot City feat. Warren G
11. Candidates feat. Erick Sermon
12. Ballers Society feat. Warren G
13. Seeking
14. The Heist

Are you ready for this? Today we've got total exclusive especially for g-funk fans! In early 90's womanish crew Da 5 Footaz (which consists of Jah Skillz, Neb Love, Knee-Hi, K-Bar and Cobra Red) recorded album titled "The Lost Scrolls". The lp was realesed only on a few tapes (!) and was produced by real legends such as Warren G (in majority - he's was the biggest supporter of Da 5 Footaz), Dr Dre and Erick Sermon. Check it out quickly!


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