czwartek, 15 listopada 2007

Battlecat - Gumbo Roots (1995)

1. Journey
2. Ain't No Thang
3. On Top Of The World
4. Swerve On
5. Reality Check
6. Stone Cold Nut
7. Waterdrop
8. Just The Way I Live
9. Master Plan
10. Blue 64'
11. Out Here
12. Freedom
13. Set Trippin'
14. Everybody Give It Up
15. Cat's Shout Out (I'll die for the funk)

Today we've got special upload from one of the greatest gangsta funk style producers - Kevin Gilliam aka DJ Battlecat. In 1995 he realesed project titled "Gumbo Roots", which is one of the most underrated rap albums ever. Album features many big names such as Playa Hamm, King Lou, Ras Kass, Ruff Dogg, Kam, Dana Dane, Blak Czer, Domino and others (with BC Powda as mc himself). Check it out quickly!

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Hanz pisze...

Underrated classic album!!