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Greek - No Punk To This (1993)

1. Intro
2. U Ain't Sick
3. No Punk To This
4. Geekin' For It
5. Fatal Check Out
6. God Of Hip Hop
7. Pussy Whip Nigga
8. Rhyme 4 Ya Life
9. In The Red
10. They Don't Want None
11. CMC Is Here To Pleeze
12. U Betta Ask Somebody
13. Much Too Many Freaks

One of the earliest SPC releases, mostly produced by The Terrorists and DJ CMC. This album gots specific funky vibe and Greek is a tight lyricist. Probably it's his only CD. Guest appearances in track 8 by DBX, K-Rino, A.C. Chill (R.I.P) & Klondike Kat



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Kayo pisze...

Major props for this SPC classic. I've been searching so many years to get this album. Thanks to you bro i got it now. Peace and keep it up!