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Can I Get High With Da Blanksta, Please...

Point Blank - Prone To Bad Dreams (1992)

1. Point Blank
2. After I Die
3. Cut U N 1/2
4. Life Rep Or Die
5. Straighten It Out
6. Knock Dem Hoes Out The Box
7. Wreckless
8. B__ch Said I Raped Her
9. Prone To Bad Dreams
10. Aggravated
11. Nuttin Ass B__ch
12. "86" Dope "86"

Produced by: Point Blank, Pimp C, K-Rino & Triple 6
Featuring: .38, Lord 3-2, DBX, The Terrorists, Ganksta NIP, K-Rino, K.O., Klondike Kat, Trinetta, Triple 6, UGK

Click Clack

Point Blank - Mad At The World (1994)

1. Intro
2. Where Was Your Ass At
3. My Mind Went Blank
4. No One Can
5. One Way Out
6. Until It Hit Home
7. U Can't Gank The Blank
8. Thought U Was Down
9. Mad At The World
10. Forgine But I Don't Forget
11. Redd Zone
12. Show Me Some Luv
13. Hoes A Trip
14. Slipped Into A Coma

Produced by: Point Blank, The Terrorists & Klondike Kat
Featuring: Black, Bullet & Reload, DBX, The Terrorists, Ganksta NIP, Grimm, Eyque, J-Flex, K-Rino, Klondike Kat, Maestro, PSK-13, Sexx Fiends, Smooth Execution, Steve Fournier, Street Military, Triple X, Vice Grip, Wreckshop

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Point Blank - N-Tha-Do' (1997)

1. Intro
2. N-Tha-Do'
3. Get Da Point
4. If The World Was
5. It Don't Stop
6. Steppin On My Toes
7. R U Ready To Die
8. If There Only Was A Way
9. Fuck Session
10. High With Tha Blanksta
11. Hood Stars
12. Pussy Calling
13. We Both Case From Dust
14. Small Town
15. Outro

Produced by: 411, DJ Blast, The H-Bomb Unit, Havoc, Reeko, Swift
Featuring: DJ Screw, Big Hawk, Lil' Keke, Wreckless Klan, Q-Boy, Willie D, Dope E, K-Rino, Ganksta NIP


Point Blank - Bad Newz Travels Fast(1999)

1 Bull
2 It's Been A Long Time (Vocals DJ Screw, Jessica)
3 Southside Groovin (Feat. Lil' Flea, Lil' Flex, PSK-13, South Park Mexican, Z-Ro, Zayne) (Vocals Big T)
4 High With Tha Blanksta (Feat. 3-2, Black, C-Loc, Lil' Flex, PSK-13, Z-Ro) (Vocals Big Moe)
5 Ghetto (Feat. Flaj)
6 Mr. Playa (Feat. Bun B, Ice Lord) (Vocals Levi Rasta)
7 Uncut Phya (Feat. Klanzmen)
8 Pimp C Skit (Feat. Pimp C)
9 Pussy Callin (Feat. Wreckless Klan)
10 Just Joking (Feat. Yungstar)
11 Street Theactrics
12 R U Ready 2 Die (Feat. Ganxsta Nip, K-Rino, Willie D)
13 If The World Was (Feat. Klondike Kat, Lil' Keke)
14 I Wish (Feat. PSK-13)
15 It Wasn't Me
16 Hustlin All I Can Do (Feat. C-Note, Godfather, Z-Ro)
17 Slipped Into A Coma Pt. 2 (Feat. 007, 3-2, C-Nile, DBX, Dope E, Ghetto Thugz, Ice Lord, J-Flex, K-Rino, K.B., Lil' Flea, PSK-13, Q-Boy, South Park Mexican, Z-Ro)
18 Snippet Stole From Bad Newz 2000 "My Mind Went Blank"


Point Blank - Just When You Thought It Was Safe (2005)

1. Intro
2. South Side Groovin Remix (feat. Bun-B of UGK, PSK-13, Big Mike, Big-T)
3. Who That Haten (feat. The Bull, Z-Ro, Big Hawk)
4. Flowz (feat. The Bull, The Lion)
5. Big Nutz/Big Bucks
6. Go Home (feat. The Bigtyme Boyz, Klondike Kat)
7. Respect (feat. K-Water)
8. Point Blank and DJ Screw (RIP) Choppen It Up
9. Screw Did That (feat. Z-Ro)
10. Show Me That Pussy (feat. Ill Intent)
11. Keep It On The Low (feat. Bam, The Baby Gorilla, Special Treat)
12. Coming Down Low (feat. Wood Street Playaz)
13. Uncut Fire (feat. Ice Lord)
14. Flowz (feat. The Bull, The Lion)
15. Cum Drinker (feat. Ice Lord, DBX, Lil Rick, D-Nice)
16. Dirty In The Ghetto Chasing Big Dollars (feat. The Bull, The Lion)
17. Black and Red
18. New Breed (feat. K-Rino, MC Wickett Crickett)
19. Flowz (feat. The Bull, The Lion)
20. I Wish (feat. PSK-13)


S.L.A.B. & Point Blank - Slow Loud & Banged Out (2005)

1. Intro - Trae
2. Slow Loud & Banged Out - S.L.A.B. & Point Blank
3. Who Dat Hatin - Big Hawk, Point Blank, Z-Ro
4. How U Wanna Handle This - K-Rino, Point Blank, Trae
5. Dirty N the Ghetto Chasing Big Dollars - Bull & The Lion
6. Don't Talk About It B About It - Mac D, Native, Point Blank
7. It's Whatever Ni**A - Klondike Kat, Point Blank, Z-Ro
8. F**k Dat Ni**A - Lil' Flip, Point Blank, Z-Ro
9. All Iz Good All Iz Well - Point Blank
10. Show Me Dat Pu**Y - Ill Intent, Point Blank
11. C** Drinker - DBX, Ice Lord, Point Blank
12. Southside Groovin Extended Mix - Big Mike, Bun B, Lil Flea, PSK-13, Point Blank, Z-Ro
13. 2 Step - Freeze
14. Comin Down Low - Wood Street Playaz
15. DJ Screw R.I.P. - DBX
16. Screw Did That - Point Blank, Z-Ro

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For everyone who wants get high with Da Blanksta :)

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