piątek, 20 czerwca 2008

3re Tha Hardaway - Undaconstruction (1999)

1. 3re Intro
2. Toe 2 Toe
3. AffiIation feat. Bun B
4. Only Way 2 Come
5. Run-Up On That Azz
6. Spooked
7. Remember What U Owe Me
8. Shoulda Know Betta
9. Shit On Em
10. Controversy
11. Undaconstruction
12. Born In The Ghetto
13. Top Knotch Hoes feat. Pimp C
14. Purple Heartz
15. Umma Get U High feat. EA-Ski
16. Fiya
17. Headcrack

In 1999 group from Florida - 3re Tha Hardaway realesed in Dead Serious Records their debut album titled "Undaconstruction". Squad includes three mc's - Black Pacino, CE2D and original South Central native, known for self titled solo (which was produced by Battlecat) - B.O.X. This material is full of good gangsta rap, nice feats & beats (which was handled among other things by EA-Ski & Pimp C). So check it out quickly!