środa, 18 czerwca 2008

Lil' Bruce - XXXtra Manish (1995)

1. Intro
2. Raw Deal feat. Kaveo
3. Mobbin' My Oldschool
4. I Love A Tramp feat. Mac Shawn
5. Somethin' Terrible
6. Funk Mobb Niggaz feat. G-Note, K-1, Mac Shawn & P-Dub
7. Fuck Little Bruce
8. Lite Samethin'
9. Now Like This feat. G-Note
10. FootLocka Crew
11. Congnac Killa
12. Keep A Tre' 8 feat. Levitti

Solid debut album by Little Bruce, mc from Vallejo. This album was released in E-40's Sick Wid It Records and it's a good proffer for Mob Shit fans. "XXXtra Manish" was in majority produced by legendary Studio Ton with small help by Sam Bostic & Mike Mosley. Check it out!