sobota, 26 stycznia 2008

Kausion - South Central Los Skanless (1995)

1. Grand Theft Auto (Intro)
2. What You Wanna Do ft. Nanci Fletcher & Natasha Walker
3. OG's Trippin' ft. Mack 10
4. Land Of The Skanless ft. Ice Cube
5. Dick Tate
6. Sewed Up
7. Tha Deea
8. Supersperm ft. Nanci Fletcher, Natasha Walker & K-Dee
9. Bounce, Rock, Skate
10. Cellies
11. Steal At Will
12. 16 Times
13. Fat Bitches
14. Click, Click
15. Murdering, Slanging & Scrapin'
16. If It's Alright
17. What The South Central Like ft. B-Real
BONUS: What You Wanna Do (Screwed & Chopped)

June 20, 1995 brought us another underrated classic, recorded by Kausion. This group was discovered by Ice Cube, who finally realesed their one & only album titled "South Central Los Skanless" in his label - Lench Mob Records. Kausion consist of Gonzoe (also member of The Regime, known of very good solo lp "I Live And Nothing Happens"), Kaydo & Cel (I really don't know what happened with them after Kausion debut). "South Central Los Skanless" is a quality, gangsta album with dope production which was handled by big names in westcoast such as Ice Cube, Bud'da, DJ Crazy Toones & Laylaw. So if you wanna to "bounce, rock, skate" check it out quickly!!!