poniedziałek, 28 stycznia 2008

Mac Shawn - Worldwide Bosses & Playaz (1998)

1. Worldwide Bosses & Playaz ft. E-40, Lil' Bruce & Kaveo
2. We Are The Best ft. E-40 & Suga T
3. Worldwide Bossin' & Flossin' ft. Killa Kane
4. After Dark ft. Young Smitty & Double O
5. Niggaz Ain't Got To Love ft. Lil' Bruce, D-Moe, Jacka, DeDe
6. In The Game ft. Young Smitty, J-Million & D-Biz
7. We Some Ballas ft. D-Shot, Ska-Face Capone, Mugzi
8. Get What You Need ft. E-40
9. What Is It ft. Daz Dillinger
10. Skit
11. Please Believe ft. B-Legit
12. Me & My Mobb ft. Funk Mobb & B-Legit
13. Groovin' ft. Funk Mobb
14. If You All Alone ft. Richie Rich & Rame Royal
15. Wid A Playah ft. B-Legit
16. My Flow ft. Rev. Really Real
17. Make Me Rich ft. Ska-Face Capone
18. Mac Sinista ft. Double D

Very nice album-compilation recorded by former Funk Mobb member - Mac Shawn. It includes nice features from Mac Shawn's homies from Vallejo & another cities of Bay Area & whole California state with smashin' production handled among other things by Daz Dillinger & Studio Ton. In fact Mac Shawn is currently locked up in prison (but I don't why).